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About Us

Understanding the urgent need to connect Hindus of the world and disseminate right technical and scientific knowledge of Hinduism among the citizens of the world 360 Degree Hinduism online Magazine came in to existence.

Having taken the views of more than 1600 veteran leaders working for the up-liftmen of Hindu society and Hindu People and based on their logical guidance we structured and scripted the success story of 360 degree Hinduism online Magazine.

360 degree Hinduism is very specialized and focused online Magazine on Hinduism catering to various sects across wide Hindu spectrum.

The Magazine acts as a powerful platform which help’s in connecting Hindus of the world with the priceless age old knowledge which was locked in the experience of different Hindu saints in India and abroad.

The Magazine with the help of its world class editorials dispels proactive knowledge of missing links due to which the Hindu force in the world is scattered and divided.

Hindus of the world unite is the slogan of the online magazine and the basis of this unity is the pragmatic knowledge preached by the Hindu saints in India since ages.

It is the Hindu saints who own a fantastic caliber to live happily even in forests filled with dangerous wild animals without the bare minimum needs of life which a modern person cannot even think of.

The Hindu Saints were first to recognize that everything is present in this world to satisfy the needs of a human however greed can never be satisfied. The idea of working as a team members were first preached by Hindu Saints and later it was fantastically used by the western thinker, strategists to meet their goals.

360 degree Hinduism Online Magazine will create and boost the awareness among Hindus of the world to make use of the age old Hindu practices which have not only been accepted by the modern science but also proved it with logical explanations and experiments. 360 degree Hinduism Online Magazine shell share with the public the scientific point-of-view of the Hindu practices proved by the scientists after making practical experimentation and a lot of studies.

360 Degree Hinduism is one among the top Hindu Online publications in the world delivering pragmatic knowledge to the Hindu community worldwide. The thrust of the scientific knowledge seekers about Hindu Rituals and Practices comes to an end with the publication of this online magazine. The magazine is scientifically engineered to make sure it provides a concrete base for UNIFICATION of different Hindu Sects and Streams to spread the light of right Vedic knowledge about different Hindu Sects and Streams.

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Our mission

To provide the Hindu Community the scientific and technological knowledge base to shape a prosperous and sustainable future through educational excellence.

Our vision

“360 Degree Hinduism” will cater the scientific knowledge quest of the Hindus World Wide and educate the Hindu Community about the various scientifically proven practices and rituals of Hindu religion for the benefit of the masses.

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