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asaram , asharam , asaram bapu, victim of conspiracy


asaram , asharam , asaram bapu, victim of conspiracy

By definition, the word “conspiracy” refers to an agreement between two or more people to commit a crime, fraud or other wrongful act. A conspiracy is an attempt to a major political, social, historical, or cultural event who’s details seem to be hidden from the knowledge of the public. They involve secret and corrupt planning by an organization or a group of people. This seems to be proving true in the case of Asharam.

Have a look at few TURNING POINTS :

  1. In surat case the women wants to change statement, she comes to media and says that she was forced to frame asharam.
  2. Variation of DOB (Date of Birth) in LIC Document and Last passed school record of girl’s shahjahapur , point out fraudulent behavior
  3. Jodhpur police confirms there are no rape charges against Asharam
  4. Medical report of the girl confirms she is not sexually assaulted or raped.

Asharam surrendered himself before the jodhpur police a year back, when there was a massive roar in the Indian corrupt media about he allegedly involved in an sexual exploitation case of a minor.

It is important to note that several new fabricated cases were filed against him within a months time only to make sure that he is not released on bail and the Gujarat Govt took a foolish step of re-opening a 10 year old fraud case against Asharam.

The peaceful protesters of Asharam were brutally manhandled by the police authorities which was noting but a proof that police is being controlled like a dog by its masters : politicians to grind their axe of political upliftment.

The Indian news channels and print media launched a furious campaing , defaming Asharam and cracked many voulger jokes about a great saint who wiped the tears of millions. The proof of this was given when lakhs of asharam devotees gathered on railway stations and railway track from were ashram was taken to delhi for medical check up.

This is happening for the first time in the history of Indian democracy that a popular public figure is being not granted bail inspite of the fact that not a single allegation has been proved right in the court since last more than one and half year.

The question is: “ Is Asharam the victim of GREAT FRUSTRATION of Indian judiciary or a victim of conspiracy? “

Because in this case right from the beginning there seems to be no substance and it was the opinion of many Law specialists that Asharam must have been given bail a long time back. But it is the irroney of democracy that a person who served his life for the upliftment of poor, cobbler, sweepers, and tribals was falsely fabricated in a fraud case and court rather than first making an inquiry about the geniunity of the case issues the orders of arrest.