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Carrot with Raisin a combination of Nutritional Energy booster with Crunchy Taste

Raisins are also called ‘little gems’ because of their skin, hair and health benefits. In small size, it contains big pack of nutrition. Basically, when grapes are dehydrated to produce raisins, the nutrients become more concentrated, making a handful of raisins a snack rich in B vitamins, iron and potassium. Besides nutrients, raisins are also a good source of carbohydrates for energy. Followings are the benefits of Raisin:

  • Raisins are loaded with fibres, which swells when they absorb water and effectively provide relief from constipation.
  • It’s a rich source of iron and copper as well as B complex vitamins which are vital for the formation of red blood cells.
  • It’s abundant in phenolic phytochemicals, which is known for their germicidal, antibacterial, and antioxidant properties.
  • It contains high levels of polyphenolic antioxidants called catechins.
  • It also contains potassium and magnesium, which help reduce acidity.
  • It contains a phytochemical called oleanolic acid which provides protection against tooth decay, cavities and teeth brittleness.
  • It is beneficial in treating insomnia as it improves the quality of sleep in an individual.
  • It’s rich in iron, potassium, antioxidants and B-complex vitamins, which help to maintain normal blood pressure.
  • It helps strengthen bones and promotes bone growth. Regular consumption of raisins provides protection against heart disease.
  • Since raisins are rich in potassium, consuming them regularly prevents the formation as well as recurrence of kidney stones.
  • It is particularly beneficial for underweight people who wish to gain weight in a healthy way.
  • It is known to stimulate sexuality. Regular consumption of raisins can cure issues of sexual endurance.
  • It purifies your blood by eliminating toxic and black cells; and improves the formation of red blood cells by supplying oxygen to your skin.

Carrot raisin salad

Raisins are delicious alone, but they can be effectively combined with other nutritious food items in salads. One such salad is carrot raisin salad which is a wonderful combination of crunchy texture and slightly sweet flavor.


• ¾ cups raisins
• 4 cups shredded carrots
• ¼ cup Milk Cream
• 2 -3 tablespoons 2% milk
• 2 tablespoons sugar


Combine the raisins and carrots in a large bowl. In another bowl, prepare the dressing by mixing cream, sugar and milk. Pour this dressing over the carrot mixture and toss it to coat completely.

So, if you are looking for a combination of nutrition and crunchy taste, then you can definitely go for raisins. This tiny storehouse of goodness and health not only tastes yummy but also gives your health an added boost.