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How can I Subscribe 360 degree Hinduism online magazine ?

You just have to send us an email, containing your full name, postal address, valid and correct email and phone or mobile number to us at the following email address: subscribe@360hinduism.com


Do I have to pay anything for subscription or are there any subscription hidden charges which will be billed to me later in the end of financial year?

No you don’t have to pay anything for subscribing the online magazine, and there are no hidden charges, so you can rest assure that the subscription is 100% free and there is no catch in it.


Are my contact details and information safe or they will be sold by you to other company to generate funds?

Rest assure your contact details and information are safe with us and we can assure that we do not sell any information or details to anyone for our financial gains, as such we have sufficient support to run the magazine.


Why should I advertise in 360 degree Hinduism Online Magazine?

Because you can reach Hindus of the world which include Decision Makers and Decision Influencers of consumer and Industrial Products.


How can I advertise in 360 degree Hinduism Online Magazine?

You just have to send us an email at the following email address along with you Mobile Number and Email address and we shall communicate directly with you on your requirements.


I have some other question which is not answered here, how do I get the answer of my question?

Kindly send us an email writing your question clearly In simple words and language to the following email address and we shall come back to you with in short time with the answer of your question: editor@360hinduism.com