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Health benefits of Punarnava

The word punarnava literally means ‘renewer’ , that is one which renews the body as Punarnava, It tends to renew and revitalize the body systems. Punarnava is a medicinal herb used for health promoting benefits. It is Generally used in treating obesity, improving appetite, jaundice, and general fever. Almost all anti-obesity medications contain Punarnava as one of its ingredients. Hence is beneficial in treating obesity. It also helps to maintain effective kidney function. Listed below are some of the popular health benefits of Punarnava .

  1. Beneficial for Liver : Punarnava is widely used to revitalize liver and cleanse it. If the body is attacked with any of the infection the first stressful part will be the liver. As a result, the person will become fatigued and sluggish. So at this initial stage it is logical to use Punarnava, which helps to restore health, stamina and vitality. This herb can fight the disorders of liver like hepatitis, jaundice, iron deficiency anaemia, anorexia and sluggish liver. The healthy liver even aids in increasing the basic hemoglobin of an individual.
  2. Urinary tract infection : Punarnava works as a diuretic. In addition, Punarnava also has antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory and antispasmodic properties, which are beneficial in treating urinary tract disorders like chronic and recurrent urinary tract infections (UTIs), including UTIs in pregnancy.
  3. Obesity : Punarnava is used as an ingredient in almost all the herbal slimming formulations. The herb stimulates the removal of excess fluids and waste products from the body by promoting urination without electrolytes or potassium loss. Thus, it helps in weight loss. It also works as a mild laxative.
  4. Diabetes : Punarnava leaf extract is quite beneficial for diabetes. It considerably decreases glucose levels in blood and in turn increases plasma insulin levels.
  5. Eyes Diseases : Punarnava is beneficial for alleviating eyes diseases like night blindness and conjunctivitis. Instill the fresh juice of its roots in the eyes for the treatment.
  6. Congestive Heart Failure : However, Punarnava is not a powerful remedy to treat congestive heart failure, but it is given as adjuvant for supporting Tapyadi Loha, Terminalia Arjuna Bark Powder and other beneficial remedies used to treat congestive heart failure. It reduces workload on the heart by reducing edema.
  7. Good for Kidney Health : Punarnava has become a staple for healing and creating health particularly for kidney patients. The herb helps to get rid of excess body fluids and at the same time prevents the formation of urinary stones. Just one month use of this Ayurvedic herb can encourage Kidney functioning better.
  8.  Arthritis : Punarnava herb provides relief from joint pains and inflammation related with arthritis. Just use the paste made of fresh herb by grinding and applying directly on the affected area.
  9. Impotence : Seeds of Punarnava help to rejuvenate the male reproductive system. The herb is known to increase libido and quantity & quality of semen. It even cures erectile dysfunction.
  10. Stomach Disorders : Punarnava strengths the stomach and promotes its action. It treats a number of stomach problems, particularly intestinal colic. Take 5 grams of the root powder three times a day. It helps to kill or expel intestinal worms.
  11. Anemia : Punarnava helps anemic patients suffering with appetite loss and weakness. It encourages formation of the red blood cells. However, iron supplement should be taken with Punarnava.
  12. Dropsy : Dropsy is a disease in which excess of watery fluid gets gathered in the tissues and cavities of the body. Punarnava herb enhances the discharge of urine and thus treats the condition. You can consume fresh boiled herb or liquid extract of the plant (4 to 6 gms) to cure the disease.
  13. Cancer : Punarnava is considered one of the best herbs for cancer treatment. Punarnavine, an alkaloid is believed to be an anti-cancer agent. The study has shown that punarnavine enhance the immune response and prevent the metastatic progression of B16F-10 melanoma cells in mice. The extract from the whole plant is very much beneficial for cancer cure. The herb has also been shown to be hepato-protective, choleretic, cardiokine, anti-cancer and anti-oxidant.
  14. Gout & High Uric Acid Level in the blood : Punarnava is an excellent remedy for high uric acid level. It increases the uric acid secretion through the kidneys.
  15. Ascites : Ascites is a condition marked by an excessive collection of a watery fluid abdominal cavity. Mostly the herb cures the ascites caused by liver disorder.
  16. Bronchial Asthma : Dried leaves of Punarnava can be used in dhoomapana in treatment of bronchial asthma. The leaf decoction is said to be an excellent expectorant when decocted with punarnava (Boerhavia diffusa) and then combined with ginger juice and black pepper