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Historical Judgement on Asaram Bapu case !


The popular opinion is “No one is above the law in India”.

Are you agreeing?

Just take a look on both cases of Salman Khan, and try to analyze Time, Charges and Verdict with respect to case; later on immediate procedure of bail.

For what, media show sympathy on Salman Khan? ??
Why media keep quite on immediate bail of Salman Khan’s both cases???

Similarly watch and analyze the cases of A. raja, Kanimozhi, Soniya Gandhi, Rahul Gandhi, Robert Vadra, Lalu Yadav, Sanjay Dutt etc…

Let’s look recent ‘Kathua case’,
Kathua case that happened in the month of January 2018, but highlighted in the month of April 2018 by all media houses . Whereas numbers of Rape cases were registered on the month of January as well as on April. Then why Kathua became a prime agenda in April.

From opinion of few people : It can be conspirator’s agenda to affect the Asharam Bapu’s case verdict. That they have done. In Asharam Bapu’s case FIR does not mention ‘Rape’ and Medical show clean cheat on ‘Rape’, But Media houses highlighted a word ‘Rape’. Why ? And finally life imprisonment to 82-year old saint who has positively touched the life of millions of people across the globe! Strange ! But true !!

By the views of Subramanian Swamy , The case is fabricated and funded by Christian’s missionaries with the support of Sonia Gandhi. One program is telecasted on Sudarshan News that highlight the Christian missionaries activities after verdict.

One thing to be notice, Bollywood spread obscenity which is prime reason of ‘Rape’ But media show them like great personalities. Whereas Hindu Saint who teach us good things, but Media show them as ‘criminal’ in public mind.