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Introduction And Background of ASHARAM BAPU

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Those events happened long time ago are difficult to separate myth from the fact. So, there always be some doubts about the truthfulness of ancient history, and the story of ASHARAM, the king of 10 Crore Hearts worldwide, is no different.

Media, Politicians, strategists and philosophers present people different versions of ASHARAM, Some deem him as a saint, a hero or even a god, while some other consider him as a tyrant, a alcoholic and a thief. But, what is no doubt that ASHARAM is one of the greatest leaders in human history and the creator of one of the largest FOLLOWERS in contemporary history.

The glory and the memory of men will always belong to the ones who followed their great visions” ASHARAM is the most dramatic character today, and his experience and personality has always been the source of strength to his followers till date. What made–and still makes–him so remarkable is the sheer precocity of his enterprise: the conquest of more than 10 crore hearts worldwide in a strong 50-year whirlwind.

ASHARAM with the order of his guru Leelashah Maharaj become Saint and started preaching Hinduism world wide.

ASHSRAM had conquered and become the new ruler of the hearts of Muslims which ever was incomparably formidable for any Hindu Saint. his invincible sadhaks reached every corner of the world to preech UNIVERSAL TOLERANCE AND ACCEPTANCE. the world sighed for his young approach. Therefore, he had been a legend while he was out of Jail. And after his ARREST, his legend was eulogized all around the world.

Asaram was born on 17 April 1941, in the Berani village of the Nawabshah District in British India (present-day Pakistan), to Menhgiba and Thaumal Sirumalani. Following the partition of India in 1947, he and his family moved to Ahmedabad.

His father, Thaumal Sirumalani, was one of richest men of Town and his mother was Menhgiba. Menhgiba was passionate, headstrong and a religious women. She was participated in Satsang. And she always firmly believed that God, sired Asharam. Asharam is married to Lakshmi Devi with whom he has a son, Narayan “Prem” Sai and Bharti Devi, a daughter.

His first teacher is his mother Menhgiba. It made Asharam’s diligency and continency. After few years when Asharam was born his father invited his family guru as his tutor for his higher education. The education made him a great student, son and friend. Besides, he learned about the art being soft spoken, this made him a heroic student. And Asharam showed the talent in workmanship in his childhood.

It was said that Asharam’s character is strongly influenced and inspired by a God (Krishana). He was introduced by his mother to the cult mysteries of the Krishana as a boy. Through Krishana, Asharam took extreme mobility and had a heart of adventure. he showed the actions like the Krishana in his conquest of 10 Crore Hearts world wide later.


Asharam was in the Indore Ashram when he invited the police force and surrendered himself to the Jodhpur Police, Also, there was another saying that it was a political conspiracy being hatched against him to stop him from preaching Ancient Hindu Education which was almost at the verge of extinct. It is to be noted that he was much under the furious attack of selected Indian Media Private Channels for hours, days, weeks and months continuously after he started the Gurukul to impart Ancient Indian Education systems to the poor and needy class of hindu community at affordable rates. As if when one conspiracy was not successful another was ready for him and they kept on planning till he was behind the bars, and if we look at the facts then till date nothing has been proved against him. Does this mean that there may be something wrong with the heads of Private Media Channels who just wasted time and energy against a person who did many things right in the society.