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Bharti Dhiman

Editor and Publisher

Bharti Dhiman is a well known social worker who works for the upliftment of the poor, cobbler, and tribal community which has been neglected since decades not only by the Indian Govt but also by the NGO’s and other institutes. She Educateds them about various Govt and Non Govt Schemes to make sure their future is bright and they get what their right is. She has formed a personal group of like minded persons which include her friends and family members to support the under privileged class of society in meeting their bare minimum needs of life such as right medical support, Food support, and Education Support. Owning to her wise and matured nature she prefers to stay out of lime light and being the stories of the print and electronic media. She is a Computer engineer from Ambala city of Haryana,India. Rather than celebrating the school and collage vacation in touring and travelling with friends and family members She choose to help the tribal’s solving their life challenges by voluntarily delivering free services to many NGO’s.