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karma means “actions” or “deeds.” Good karma brings good result and bad karma brings bad result. That is the basic karma theory. Everything that you think, feel and do is recorded in the cosmic hard-drive. As time progress the data are retrieved and result of those data are calculated and gradually manifested in life.

“Now a person is like this or like that. As it does, so it becomes; by doing good it becomes good, and by doing evil becomes pure acts and bad by bad acts. And others, however, say that a person consists of desires. And as is his desire, so is his will; and as is his will, so is his deed; and whatever deed he does, that he will reap,”Brihadaranyaka Upanishad – 4.4.5

Karmas develop three knots in the body and mind they are known as Brahma-granthi, Vishnu-granthi and Rudra-ganthi. Here, granthi means knots, networks or obstacles. These knots, are the link between matter and spirit. Knots enhances the sense of ego. The knots are directly related to our habits, desires and thoughts. Three knots together constitute the ignorance, and act as an wall for spiritual progress.“

Brahma Granthi is related to the physical body, to the world of survival, and physical pleasures. Vishnu Granthi is related to the astral body and to the world of attachment and emotional bondage. Rudra Granthi is related to the causal body and to the world of pride, ideas, visions and intuition. These knots can be released by daily meditation and by the knowledge of Self.”  Yajnavalkya said

“O, Maitreyi, it is the Self that is to be beheld; it is the Self that is to be known; it is the Self that is to be searched for; it is the Self which is to be heard about; it is the Self which is to be thought in the mind; it is the Self which is to be meditated upon. There is nothing else worthwhile thinking, nothing else worthwhile possessing, because nothing worthwhile exists, other than This.” – Brihadaranyaka Upanishad 4.5.6




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