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To understand the goals of life we should not look outside, as to where the world is going, but should rather look within, as to what do I really aspire & want.

For this we should ask ourselves a very fundamental question –

What is that attaining which I will be fully satisfied?

Don’t be in a hurry, take your own time and discover the answer to this important question.

You will find that most of our so called goals are not really come under the category of goals.

We find that very few people have clarity about this fundamental thing. They may say that they are modern educated people and do not blindly follow anyone, but this is what they are doing, blindly following others, for the simple reason that they themselves are not clear as to what do they really want. They join some rat race and in the end realize that they have been on a meaningless trip, by then it is too late.

So let’s pause and try to know what is it that which I really want, what is that attaining which I will certainly quench my thirst.

Let’s look within, introspect & discover.

The knowledge of SELF starts with such fundamental questions. The scriptures do not ask us to blindly follow someone but only help us conduct this inquiry. This is called the inquiry into Purusharthas of life.


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