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Our human life is really a composite life full of senses, sense related knowledge, related pleasures and pain, and related vices and virtues.

The Vedic science teaches us to balance life to ensure that maximum health and maximum longevity both are attained and enjoyed on the plane of human existence.

Life without health is just a meaningless life.

Ayurveda and Vedic wisdom teaches us to apportion and allocate our “nourishment”. Our scriptures and for that matter any holy scripture, any divine scripture speaks of giving part of our share of food to others.

We as humankind grow in essential material value. Material value is actual value related to “HEALTHY WEALTH “. Healthy wealth is wealth that brings prosperity, enjoyment, and happiness. Unhealthy wealth is wealth conducive of illness, disease, epiphany, tragedies, upheavals, and misfortune calamities.

When one undergoes through difficulties and suffers pain and sorrow, one must contemplate and retrospectively reflect upon the transient impermanence of all the material wealth and human life.

We own nothing albeit we claim so much ownership.

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