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This is the tenth (10th)  Issue of “360 Degrees Hinduism” Magazine for the samvat of Ashvina – Kartika 2073 as per Hindu Calendar OR month of September – October 2016 as per English Calendar

Editor’s Note

Intellectual integrity and truth are obviously unwanted in our times. These have been displaced by political correctness. Why this happened is a mystery, but mainstream media and other agencies vehemently enforce the politically correct opinion. They drum into us powerfully what we should think even if it goes against common sense.
When in 1999, the Pope declared in India that the Church will plant the cross in Asia in the 21stcentury, media portrayed it as ok. After all, the Church has the duty to spread Christianity all over the world, so the Pope is just doing his duty.

When people like Zakir Naik conduct mass conversion of Hindus to Islam, media ignores it or tells us that it is ok. After all, Islam also needs to spread till all of humanity has become Muslims.

When, however, a Hindu group brings back some of those who had converted out of Hindu Dharma, the media goes hyper: those Hindu groups are communal and divisive forces who want to disturb the plural fabric of our society and establish an intolerant Hindu rashtra. The ranting goes on for days on TV channels. Why ??? Let’s find the answer in Special Report section

Our other highlights are :
‘Effect of Gayatri Mantra Meditation on Meditation Naive Subjects: an EEG and fMRI Pilot Study ’
‘Effect of Prayer and “OM” Meditation in Enhancing Galvanic Skin Response’
Why do we have a Pooja (prayer) room? And More …

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