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Pseudo secularism in Bharat (India)

Fake secularism that started in 1947 is still continuing and finishing off our nation.

Though ‘Secularism’ is a sublime concept, it has been driven to dismal depths by its drum beaters and chorus singers in India. Politically, ‘secularism’ implies separation of State and religion, and non discrimination on grounds of religion.
India is a ‘theatre of the absurd’ where secularism has been equated with, “anti-Hinduism”. Anyone objecting to this distortion of secularism is branded as ‘communal’; castigation follows up reflex.

Since 1947 till the present, fake secularists are busy with their vexatious agenda though it is destroying the nation.
How? Just look into few points:

1. Infiltration of crores of Pakistanis and Bangladesh is creating one more Islamic country on Indian soil; genocide and eviction of Hindus from Kashmir; carving out of mini- Pakistans like Mallapuram and Satyamewapuram in independent India: global missionary organisations Christianizing India, banning of celebrations of Hindu festivals in large parts, discriminatory government control over Hindu temples.

2. All continuation of Article 370 in the Constitution; provision of Haj subsidy, these absurdities is the result of the unique and perverse brand of secularism being practised only in India. Is there any parallet anywhere else in the world?

3. De-Hinduised by missionary education, and brainwashed by anti-Hindu media, many Hindus feel that they are secular only if they are anti-Hindu. Disastrous consequences of this falsehood are obvious. As illustrated below, Indian National Congress which has been in power for most of the period since 1947, has consistently followed its policy of pseudo-secularism.

4. Congress government led by Jawaharlal Nehru started the “Haj subsidy” for Haj pilgrimage; vide the Haj Committee Act of 1959. India is a secular country; any subsidy for any religious pilgrimage is anti-secular. Besides, even Islamic countries do not pay any such subsidy to their citizen who takes a journey to Haj.

5. Congress even nullified the Supreme Court’s judgement while pursuing its bogus secularism. To pacify Muslim uproar over the Supreme Court’s judgement reported as Mohd Ahmed Khan versus. Shah Bano Begum (AIR 1985 SC 945), the then Congress government passed the Muslim Women (Protection of Rights on Divorce), Act, 1986 and nullified the said judgement.

6. After regaining power in 2004, Congress led government has reiterated its policy of Muslim appeasement. The same Congress that rejected the Communal. Award in 1932 is spearheading in 2005 the anti-secular reservation for’ Muslims in government jobs. Besides, in Kerala and at the Centre, Congress is sharing power with Muslim League that had created Pakistan.

7. Besides, though Aligarh Muslim University has been the cradle of Muslim separatism and two nation theory that created Pakistan, Congress led government has gifted it minority status and 50 per cent reservation for Muslims in this institution.

8. The Congress led Andhra Pradesh Government has taken the dangerous decision of giving reservation to Muslims on religious grounds in government jobs and also wants to give reservations to Muslims in local bodies. This unconstitutional, unsecular and divisive decision is bound to trigger far more dangerous demands that will destroy India.

9. Further, instead of deporting crores of Pakistani and Bangladeshi infiltrators threatening to create one more Islamic country on Indian soil, Congress led government is following terrorist and infiltrator friendly ‘peace process’ and confidence building measures, like passport and visa free, Muzaffarabad-Srinagar bus.

10. Congress led government is maintaining ‘soft borders’ with Pakistan and Bangladesh that will bring many more crores of Pakistanis and Bangladesh into India.

11. Congress has done nothing to rehabilitate lakhs of Kashmiri Hindus, who have faced genocide and eviction from Kashmir to become refugees in their own country.

12. Now let us see BJP’s record, Gaining popularity because of its attack on Congress brand perverse secularism, BJP was in power from 1998 to 2004.

13. Though some of its ministers did commendable work, during its six years of rule BJP forgot all about its nationalistic agenda! and adopted the same pseudo- secular falsities that it had opposed in Congress. To top it, BJP-led government increased the amount of Haj subsidy.

14. BJP President L.K. Advani’s remarks about Ayodhya movement, and about secularism of M.A. Jinnah who’s ‘Direct Action Day’ on August 16, 1946 claimed countless Hindu lives are the culmination of BJP’s current pseudo- secular path.

15. Article 370 of Indian Constitution has resulted in genocide and eviction of Hindus from Kashmir Though this Article was meant only as a “temporary provision”, being pseudo- secular, many political parties including the Congress do not want its abrogation.

16. Though uniform civil code will make India a really secular country, pseudo secularists oppose the long pending Constitutional direction of Article 44 to formulate the ‘uniform civil code’.

17. Spurious secularists and their media do not support enactment of uniform civil code, though this enactment has been emphasised in a number of Supreme Court’s judgements including those reported as Mohd. Ahmed Khan V. Shah Bano Begum (AIR 1985 SC 945), Sarla Mudgal versus Union of India and others (AIR 1995 SC 1531) and John Vallamattom V. Union of India (AIR 2003 SC 2902).

18. Edifice of fake secularism has to be dismantled to liberate India from crores of Pak-Bangla infiltrators, terrorists, anti-national elements and all other oddities being touted as secularism. Congress has all along followed perverse secularism. Therefore Congress cannot confront spurious secularists.

19. BJP too has embraced pseudo secularism and lost its credibility. Other political parties either follow pseudo secularism, or do not have an all India presence.

20. In this dismal scenario, to challenge pseudo-secular forces, a section of nationalists is trying to revive Bharatiya Jana Sangh while some sections want BJP to purge itself of pseudo secular elements and revive its pre-1998 nationalistic image. Some other sections want a new national political party to spring up and save India from disaster.

21. India has been pushed into peril by pseudo secular forces. Only a strong, national, committed and genuinely secular political party can liberate India from the shackles of pseudo secularism and tackle the issues of terrorism, Article 370, uniform civil code, rehabilitation of Kashmir Hindus, and crores of Pak-Bangla infiltrators threatening Islamization and dismemberment of India.

There is heap on these points, where above are only few.

Bogus secularism has already done untold havoc. It must not be allowed to do any further damage. Long march of fake secularism has to be halted before it completely destroys India.

Will the drum-beaters and chorus-singers of fake ‘secularism’ hear any voice of sanity? Will the nationalists wake up and transform India into a truly secular country?