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Is Really Indian Media Still Fourth Pillar of Democracy ?


On 20th Jan 2017, The World Economic Forum released a very shocking report , that labelled the Indian media as the “MOST UNTRUSTED INSTITUTION” after Australia in the world.

The survey was conducted by Edelman trust Barometer, who is in the media business for over 20 years now and has business in over 38 countries.  The survey showed that the trust of people of media, NGOs and business was in all time low and the credibility and motive of these institutions have been under question.

The Indian media which is well known for spreading fake stories, false propaganda have completely lost their credibility and become one of the most corrupt institutions with absolutely no ethics or responsibility.

The hypocrisy of the media got exposed with the emergence of social media. Media people who call themselves journalists turned into PR (personal) agents of few political parties to earn benefits.

A total of 28 countries were survey, out of which 17 countries expressed their mistrust on the media.

Majority of people in 28 countries have expressed displeasure over the media reports. It is also said that people cannot trust the media content as most of them have found to have vested interest and exploit the situation for gaining TRPs. Eldem report said that overall there has been an “ global implosion in trust.

Richard Edelman said in his reports that people today see media has a corporate machine and part of elite class. The media which is suppose to reflect the opinion and voice of the unheard, today speaks for the rich and influential people and hence there is total trust deficit with the corporate institution and people said Edelman.

Definitely no one can surprise on report for indian media. Just recall last year , how Indian journalists have used silly issues and blown it out of proportion to create panic among people. The Intolerance issue which was scripted by media showed how Indian was maligned in the international level. The issue was orchestrated as few people in the elite class could not accept the fact that Modi won the elections and wanted to tag India and his government as communal.

Building a narrative against the country using anti national voice like Kanhaiya Kumar and Burhan Wani was something which can be called a disaster of this country. In all cases, it is very much evident that it was media and people form Lutyens club of Delhi who played main role in spreading fake stories in the country. While the middle class and the poor had no idea about the word intolerance, the media and the elite club was jumping on the fake issues.

It is absolutely true that there is no trust in media and the news channels have turned out to be a gossip box, with people ranting nonsense 24 hours. The main stream media has already lost relevance with the emergence of social media. The best examples is how NDTV viewership has fallen below 2% especially after their Anti national stand.