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Welcome to 360 Degree Hinduism

360 Degree Hinduism is a Bi-Monthly online publication circulated to the Hindu Community Leaders, Decision Makers, Decision Influencers and the Hindus of the world across the globe.

360 degree Hinduism is very specialized and focused online Magazine on Hinduism catering to various sects across wide Hindu spectrum.

The Magazine acts as a powerful platform which help’s in connecting Hindus of the world with the priceless age old knowledge which was locked in the experience of different Hindu saints in India and abroad.

The Magazine with the help of its world class editorials dispels proactive knowledge of missing links due to which the Hindu force in the world is scattered and divided.

Hindus of the world unite is the slogan of the online magazine and the basis of this unity is the pragmatic knowledge preached by the Hindu saints in India since ages.

360 Degree Hinduism, the first and only magazine devoted to CONNECT different Hindu sects worldwide, is an insider’s guide to Hindu’s total image. 360 Degree Hinduism investigates and celebrates scientific and logical experiments based research with objectivity and candor, and places appearance in larger cultural context.”

360 Degree Hinduism has been recognized for its strength and quality in journalistic writing, as well as its keen aesthetic sense seen in its photography. And with it, summoned a strong following of readers that has soared since its beginning in March 21, 2015 (Chetra Pratipada 2072).

Our Mission

To provide the Hindu Community the scientific and technological knowledge base to shape a prosperous and sustainable future through educational excellence.

Our Vision

“360 Degree Hinduism” will cater the scientific knowledge quest of the Hindus World Wide and educate the Hindu Community about the various scientifically proven practices and rituals of Hindu religion for the benefit of the masses.