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Palash Sharbat benefits in urinary and menstrual problems

How to prepare ‘Palash Sharbat’:

Soak all the dry Palash flowers ( a large handful) with five glasses of water for four to six hours or till the flowers lose colour. Stir well, strain and serve chilled.

To improve taste, soak fennel seed along with the ingredients. Add juice, black salt, cumin powder, pepper powder or fresh mint leaves before serving.


Shantilal Kothari, a traditional nutrition scientist from Academy of Nutritional Improvement in Nagpur, says the flower benefits in case of urinary and menstrual problems. As part of his research, Kothari asked a group of women suffering from cramps and heavy bleeding to take 100 ml of concentrated palash sherbet every day for six months.

“About 90 per cent of the women reported less problems within a month,” says Kothari.