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This is the eighth (8th)  Issue of “360 Degrees Hinduism” Magazine for the Samvat of Jyaistha Asadha 2073 as per Hindu Calendar OR May June 2016 as per English Calendar

Editor’s Note

In modern Sanskrit, the word Paryavarana is used for environment, meaning which encircles us, which is all around in our surroundings. But in the Atharvaveda words equivalent to this sense are used; such as Vritavrita, Abhivarah, Avritah, Parivrita etc. Vedic view on environment is well-defined in one verse of the Atharvaveda where three coverings of our surroundings are referred as Chandamsi :

‘Wise utilize three elements variously which are varied, visible and full of qualities. These are water, air and plants or herbs. They exist in the world from the very beginning. They are called as Chandansi meaning ‘coverings available everywhere.’

It proves the knowledge of Vedic seers about the basic elements of environment.

Our other highlights are :
‘Effect of yogic education system and modern education system on sustained attention’
‘Effect of Yoga Therapy and Conventional Treatment in the Management of Common Neck Pain – A Comparative Study’ — Knowledge Capsule
‘World Most Richest Temple – Padmanabhaswamy Temple’ — Cover Story
‘50 Biggest Enemies of Hindus (Dead or Alive) — By François Gautier’ — Special Report
‘Indian Discoveries & Inventions Part VI’ — Hindu’s Pride
‘Medicianl Benefit of Bale’ — Ayur Plant

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