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This is the fifth (5th)  Issue of “360 Degrees Hinduism” Magazine for the samvat of Margashirsha Paush 2072 as per Hindu Calendar OR month of November December 2015 as per English Calendar

Editor’s Note

The Vedas are the first texts in the library of mankind. They are universally acknowledged to be the most precious Indian Heritage. The antiquity to the Vedic civilization is debated to a great extent but indeed there is no civilization known to humanity with such antiquity as Vedic Aryan Civilization.

The Vedas deal with knowledge, the knowledge of all sorts. They cover knowledge both physical and spiritual. They are source of all knowledge according to Manusmriti. Especially the Vedic views revolve around the concept of nature and life. The knowledge of Vedic sciences is meant to save the human beings from falling into an utter darkness of ignorance. The unity in diversity is the message of Vedic physical and metaphysical sciences. Essence of the environmental studies in the Vedas can be put here by quoting a partial Mantra of the Ishavasyopanishad ‘One should enjoy with renouncing or giving up others part.

Issue’s highlights are :

Technical articles are exploring “Effects of Yoga onMental and Physical Health: A Short Summary of Reviews “ and “How Might Yoga Work? An Overview of Potential Underlying Mechanisms”.
Cover Story uncover the story on “International Society for Krishna Consciousness (ISKCON)”, a well known organisation connected with Hare Krishna movement.



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