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This is the First Issue of “360 Degrees Hinduism” Magazine for the samvat of Chaitra – Vaisakha 2072  as per Hindu Calendar OR month of March – April 2015 as per English Calendar


Editor’s Note:

Welcome to the premier issue of 360 Degree Hinduism Online Magazine –A COMPLETE MAGAZINE ON HINDUISM. In your hands is a very specialized and focused technical magazine which spotlights the scientific aspects of Hinduism.

Having taken the views , suggestions and guidance of over 1400 qualified Hindu Leaders engaged in the up-liftmen of Hindus of the world , consisting of veteran technocrats , and based on the guidance provided by these honorable leaders we have STRUCTURED our magazine to make it a total knowledge enhancer.

We have engineered various sections of the magazine in order to make sure that each section is a COMPLETE KNOWLEDGE CAPSULE and provides PURE KNOWLEDGE to our community readers.

We are sure it will enhance the knowledge of Hindus of the World were 360 Degree Hinduism Magazine has its presence.

In this issue the technical papers titles “Meditation on OM: Relevance from ancient texts and contemporary science” and “The Body Divine: Tantric Śaivite Ritual Practices in the svacchandatantra and Its Commentary” is a must read article for the all the Hindus as it brings out few of the most critical insights about the subject matter and narrates how an pro-active step is to be taken and in what degree the calculated steps may result in to long term profit. The Cover story in this issue spotlights SWAMINARAYAN (BAPS) The corporate cover story revels the energetic and enthusiastic management practices and floods light on various processes carried out in the Swaminarayan Sampraday to ensure quality of human life remains highest at all levels.


Experience the new horizon of Pro-Active technical knowledge


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