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This is the fourth (4th)  Issue of “360 Degrees Hinduism” Magazine for the samvat of Ashvina – Kartika 2072 as per Hindu Calendar OR month of September – October 2015 as per English Calendar

Editor’s Note 

Modern Indian Scientists should be astonished and also feel proud of our ancestors for their knowledge and views about environment. Ancient seers knew about various aspects of environment, about cosmic order, and also about the importance of co-ordination between all natural powers for universal peace and harmony. When they pray for peace at all levels in the ‘Shanti Mantra’ they side by side express their believe about the importance of coordination and interrelationship among all natural powers and regions. The prayer says that not only regions, waters, plants trees, natural energies but all creatures should live in harmony and peace. Peace should remain everywhere.

The mantra takes about the concord with the universe – “peace of sky, peace of mid-region, peace of earth, peace of waters, peace of plants, peace of trees, peace of all-gods, peace of Brahman, peace of universe, peace of peace; May that peace come to me !”

Vedic message is clear that environment belongs to all living beings, so it needs protection by all, for the welfare of all. Thus the study proves the origin of environmental studies from the Vedas.
Issue’s highlights are :

Technical articles are exploring “SUNSALTATION AND HEALTH “ and “Measuring a Journey without Goal: Meditation, Spirituality, and Physiology”.
Cover Story uncover the story on “Ramkrishan Mission” , root of the worldwide’s Vedanta Movement.
A great coverage for Hinduism on Attack in Special Report.
“Papaya Leaves in Dengue Fever: Is there Scientific Evidence? “ in Ayur Plant Section.



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