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It has been almost 2 years completed and today seems like a good day to express appreciation to the readers for the warm welcome and resounding support towards 360hinduism.

With a high respect and wonderful thanks to the readers and contributors who has delivered value to society, friends , family members and relatives And are spreading the right knowledge of Hinduism by sharing 360 Degree Hinduism, we welcome to all Hinduism lovers and supporters who want to share their feedback and knowledge with us.

A great thank you for the feedback so many of you have the provided and thanks you again to all contributors for their contribution.

Here are the main highlights of 13th issue :

  • Gangaur – One of the Popular Colorful Festival
  • Haritaki – The Wonder Medicine for the Brain
  • Is Really Indian Media Still Fourth Pillar of Democracy ?
  • Why do we wear marks (tilak, pottu and the like) on the forehead?
  • A Grading Method for Mangoes on the Basis of Peel Color MeasurementmUsing a Computer Vision System

Thanks !

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