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What actually is the ego ?

Shri Anandmayi Maa:

You imagine that you are the doer of your actions – this indicates the existence of the ego in you.

‘Duniya’ (world) means ‘du – niya’ (based on duality).

Here the cause of conflict, problems, the separate ‘I’ and its activities. In the imperfect ‘I’ the ego is present, while the realization ‘I am the Self (Atma)’ is of the perfected ‘I’.

The result of egotism is blindness.

In the attitude of mind: ‘I am the Lord’s eternal servant’, there also seems to be duality, but the worldly ‘I’ has not survived. Not until the I is perfect, in other words not unless ‘Aham Brahmasmi’ (I am Brahm) has been realized will the ego be destroyed from roots.




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