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Is so called secularism has to be only a Hindu’s responsibility !

If India has to be secular then state should not interfere with religion.

But then why should our tax money has to go for Haj subsidy ? Is that not a special favor to one religion?

Why St.Stefens in Delhi is allowed to give preference only to Christian candidates while hiring ?

They exist on a piece of land which belongs to India and not to Hindus, Christians or Muslims. Then preference to anybody on the basis of religion is communalism and not secularism.

Why authors and scientists and people like Dibakar bannerjee never protested against St Stefens ?

Britain easily refuses permission to create a mosque higher than St.Pauls cathedral. But BBC doesn’t run a documentary on the plight of muslims being tortured and not given equal rights in Britain !! They don’t get a lecture from Obama to embrace secularism as yet !!

However, in India I still don’t support demolishing a mosque which was built by an Invader!! A nation with 80% of its populations as Hindus has taken more than 60 years to build a temple for their deity.

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