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Is Hinduism on the path of Extinction ?

Hindu Existence, hindus danger

Hinduism was a major religion of South East Asia in the first millennium. But now when it has been swept off from Indonesia , Pakistan , Afghanistan , Bangladesh and is reduced in population percentage in India, will it survive the next millennium ?

The controversy over the conversion of Lakhs of Hindus to Muslims during the rule of Mugal and specially during the regim of Aurangazeb and the recent few incidents in Malda West Bengal, Assam, and Kerala makes us and forces us to think that why Hindus are not safe in muslim majority regions in modern India.

In a bitterly ironic twist, it happened as protesters held a demonstration to demand police action to stop violence against Hindus in Malda.

The police have not done anything except register a complaint. And now when I go out, I fear that something like this may happen again,” says the man, giving his name as Roshan Sharma, aged 26.

Stories such as these usually go unnoticed by the media. They seem to some all the more worrying when seen alongside derogatory comments about Hindu minorities from a number of Congress and other Anti – Hindu politicians.

Each muslim woman should mother four to six children in order to protect the predominance of Muslims,” said one MP


The below is based on facts and figure! Islamic terrorism is no issue then! Hindus’ life & death will be at the mercy of Muslim!

Muslim population is the real danger for Hindus!

In 1947

– Hindu (incl. Sikh, Buddhist, jain, etc)-33 crore-90%
-Muslim-3 crore-8%
-Christian-0.7 crore-2%

In 2008

Hindu (incl. sikh, budhist, jain, etc)-82crore- 73.9% (growth rate in 61 years 249% @ 4.07% /year)
-Muslim-25 crore-22.5% (growth rate in 61 years 833% @13.7% /year)
-Christian – 4 crore- 3.6%

From the above, the growth (incl. infiltration around 5 cr.) in 61 years by Muslims r more than 580% that of Hindus (incl. like Hindus)! and Hindus reduced by 16.1% in simple arithmetic in 61 years where as Muslims increased by 14.5% in terms of population percentage!

In simple calculation, if Muslim & Hindu maintain same growth rate (i.e 13.5% /year for Muslim and 4.07% / year for Hindu), after 27 years in 2035, MUSLIM WILL BECOME ABSOLUTE MAJORITY IN INDIA (total population :197.7 crore). Conversion, threatening, rioting, slaughtering, terrorism, intrusion, polygamy, no birth control are being the major tools for Muslim to reach that figure within the said period.

In 2035

-Muslim-92.5 crore-48.2%
-Hindu- 90.2 crore-46.9%
-christian- 9.5 crore-4.9%

By 2040 


by 2050

-Hindu-95.7 crore-32.2%
-Christian-12.0 crore-4.0%

Mortality, not fertility
The image of the fertile, lower-class Muslim woman who has too many children has become almost a stereotype, but a study by Bristol University reveals that there is another, oft-overlooked aspect that probably explains the gradual increase in Muslim population.
The study points out that even though “Muslims have, on average, lower socio-economic status, higher fertility and shorter birth intervals,” Muslim children face lower mortality risk than Hindu children.
Researchers have attributed this puzzling trend to a range of different factors: Muslim mothers are less likely to work compared with Hindu mothers, which has a positive impact on children’s health; Muslims tend to live in urban areas or large villages, where there is better access to healthcare; Muslims are less likely to practice female infanticide.

A little more than a year since Narendra Modi’s right-wing Hindu nationalist BJP swept to power in India, there are fears that religiously motivated violence may be on the rise. Some say the Indian National Congress has bred a culture of intolerance towards Hindu Practices, Hindu Culture, Hindu Tradition that has left even minorities nervous of speaking out.

Muslims of Malda in West Bengal brutally destroyed law and order and burned the police station, dozens of government vehicles and other private vehicles belonging to Hindus of the region.

Hindus, in fact, should stop worrying about Muslim terrorism or communalism. It is high time they started worrying about themselves, their children, their youth. They need to worry about the attempts being made to criminalise their minds and hearts. They are being led into a trap from which it would be difficult to rescue them.

Hindus need to think about the pact some of their co-religionists have made with evil. If unchecked, this evil will  enter their hearts and make them complicit in crimes against humanity.

Hinduism is in danger today, the main source of that danger may lie within and not outside it.