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Man who did many things Right in the Society : ASHARAM

Right things by right man, Asaram bapu Right man, asharam bapu ,

Let’s talk about few of the positives of a person who is behind bars since last 2 years.  Many  of us love this man not because, we know what right things, he did in the society, but because he has become a favorite topic of our times pass,  we constantly blame him and curse him for something which is not yet proved, or love him because we love sharing our negative views imparted by the Indian print and electronic media  that these Hindu saints should never be trusted as they all are bogus, corrupt and rapists.

Whatever be the reason positive or negative at least being a sensible person and being modern human being,  we must have a glace about the things he did right in the society and this is in accordance with the democracy that you live-in because if you can not praise him for his good things then you have no rights to curse him for something which is not yet proven.

Asharam  did not established the Motera ashram to live a lavish life with all ultra modern facilities like a our politicians and NGO Owners live, rather he established the motera Ashram at Ahmedabad only to make sure and provide a concrete base for the much awaited social and to be more precise Human services.

Keeping this ashram as base his followers went nook and corner of the tribal area, un-reachable villages and the places which were ignored by all the political parties. These areas a basically small or very small villages of less than 50 to 500 families hence the Government and NGO’s ignored them consistently for last 60 years because they could not give mileage to their ego in terms of vote or  thanks.

Asharam’s followers not only reached them but visited every month to distribute Medicines, Money , Food Articles and cloths. The Govt or any organization had no problems with his this holy activity until he started schools in these locations, because the students who studied in these schools were Proud to be Hindu. When the student of these small petty villages and tribes started succeeding in defeating the giants of many known English medium schools were the children’s of so called rich or big people of the current society take admission, then  it proved as a big alarm to  people owning anti-hindu mindset.

The problem for them was not that Asharam was giving them free education, but the problem for them was :- they could not see a hindu who can counter question either in the name of modernity or globalization. They always wanted to see a hindu society who has no self respect and is feeling  inferior to the western culture or education. 

Now when the students of Asharam Gurukul were thought Glorious Indian History of Maharana Pratap, Shivaji, LakshmiBai, Bhagat Singh, Sardar Patel and Many others in Detail, they started feeling that they are not inferior to anyone in the world, so if they are not inferior they will not bow down or obey anyone’s orders like a sheep.  So they started asking questions like

How an American is superior to an Indian when he can not even think of knowing more than one language, wear as we Indian’s speak multi languages and work and live in multi culture?

They started questioning that Why the so called Great Alexander did not even dare to attack the Magadh Empire in India?

The list of questions goes on which are really frightening for any anti-hindu activist, the obvious reason why Asharam is behind bars in a case which is practically a no case against the 79 year old Saint who did many things right in the society.