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Why Congress invented ‘Hindu Terrorism’!?    

why congress invented hindu terrorism 


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Anti-Hindu politician Digvijay Singh for Muslim appeasement created this new term along with Saffron (symbol of renunciation) Terror though primarily India is secular as Hinduism the main cultural stream is secular but wherever like Northeast or Kashmir the Hindus are minority, there are separatist terrorism.


Terrorism that has rocked Afghanistan-Pakistan and entire world from Iraq to USA-Europe killing millions of innocents, including over 70,000 in India is simply Jihad/Terrorism to them and not ‘Muslim Terrorism’. Jihad is not optional but compulsory for a Muslim or supporting it as per Koran but this Terror Manual has not yet been banned.

Hindu organizations went all out to save Sikhs – the pride of India. when after Indira assassination in 1984, Congress started nationwide anti-Sikh genocide pogrom murdering over 3,000 Sikhs which was a glaring example of ‘Congressi Non-Violent Terrorism’ or “Gandhian Terrorism” claiming the path of Mahatma.


Even an illiterate today knows well that Terrorism in form of Jihad is wholly interlinked with teachings of Islam, but to save this Arab ideology the petro-dollar fed Politicians and their stooge media first tried to delink Terrorism with Religion and now doing same by Hindu Terror allegations. Hindusthan is Hindu land and still Hinduism is in majority so terrorism not required capturing power as some Muslims & Christians wish & fight against Heathen/Kafir India. Congressi leaders however went to Azamgarh to console Muslim Terrorist families while calling their encounter near Jamia University where Inspector Mohan Sharma was martyred as fake. No wonder this Congress Govt has announced ex-gratia payment of Rs. 5 lakh to families of each slain Jihadi though martyred soldier families run from pillar to post for their due service claims.


Now those who try to malign 85 year old RSS (whose nationalism was never questioned earlier by even diehard enemies) first tried to link some Hindus accused by Congress Govt & their investigating agencies for alleged Terrorist acts against minorities with the Sangh and when failed try to reason that they and Sangh are both Hindu Nationalists so there must be a connection. As if Maoists, CPI, CPM & Samajbadi Party are all Socialists so they are one! Congressis tried to reason same during 1948 Gandhi murder by Nathuram Godse a member of Hindu Mahasabha by trying to link with RSS as both are Hindutvadis – Courts cleared Sangh totally and criticized such manipulations. Even after years of torture & scientific tests like Narco Analysis, Congress has failed to prove a single case of the wild accusations against the arrested Hindu activists keeping Colonel Purohit & Sadhvi Pragya in jail for years without a trial while deliberately not hanging convicts Afzal Guru or Kasab after court verdicts for their deaths


Congressi media is accusing Senior RSS Pracharak Indresh Kumar as a possible terrorist perhaps not knowing that he is the Mentor of MUSLIM RASHTRIYA MANCH – the Nationalist Muslim wing of Sangh or for this.


That if Muslims turn patriots then none of them will vote for sickular Congress; knowing only appeasing politics. Congress and its allies & subsidiary parties like LJP can go to any extreme for Muslim vote bank politics though their appointed Sachar Committee & Ranganath Commission exposed that Muslims were in worst conditions in these sickular ruled states! LJP leader Ram Vilash Paswan not only went from door to door in Muslim ghettos with Osama Bin Laden masks but also pledged to grant citizenship for 5 crore & growing illegal Bangladeshi Muslim infiltrators in India who are aiding Jihad and crimes like their icon – Osama beside demographically occupying east India for Islamic Bangladesh creating Darul Islam, ultimate goal of al Jihadis

They don’t want people to know that Socialist Nehru as PM requested and RSS obliged by taking part in 26th January, 1963 Republic Day Parade for services in 1962 China war like later in Bangladesh & Pakistan wars, Kargil, etc or after removal of ban on Sangh in 1977 after Indira Gandhi’s emergency the RSS Chief said forgive and forget – Congress was at a bad shape at that time but this ‘violent’ organization as per them showed absolute restraint in return


Mahatma Gandhi while visiting Wardha camp of RSS accompanied by Mahadev Desai and Mirabehn at Wardha in 1934 was so pleased to watch the unity, discipline and casteless solidarity that clapped spontaneously in happiness. Those accuse Sangh of Gandhi muder or anti-Gandhism also forgets that every day morning in Sangh Sakhas Gandhiji is revered in Ekatmata Stotram or Unity Anthem of India beside Sangh’s strong backing of Gandhian economy which plead Swadeshi & Self-Reliance along with small scale/cottage industries


The Hindu-Christian riots in some places of India were due to Christian Terrorism of Missionaries where the Missionary Terrorists tried to convert mainly poor and tribals by abusing Hinduism, attacking and denigrating Hindu Temples/Gods, etc and not for any religious basis so the poor tribal Hindus most retaliated against foreign funded Church property and their managers and this social unrest can easily stop by banning conversions and foreign funding for such beside prosecution of those illegal foreigners who do crimes by misusing tourist visas for evangelism. Accusation of rape and specially gang-rape gives an immediate and almost ’perverted’ sensationalization, specially if the victim is a nun. This art has been mastered as a weapon, quite aptly by Christian groups, against Hindus, who try to fight against the unethical and illegal conversion attempts and other evangelical atrocities of the harvestors of souls, that includes murder of religious figures.


Media did same with Karnataka Church attacks by defaming Hindus when Jihadis fought with Evangelists for blessings from Global Missionary Funds & their puppet Sonia Gandhi ruling India unconstitutionally via an agent Mr. Singh

But, still they are trying to provoke & involve Hindus into extremism.

The Points which Sangh raised much earlier as endangering India have already became cancers like Muslim Terrorism in Kashmir wherefrom all 7 lakh Hindus ousted, Bangladeshi infiltrators turning majority and torturing locals in bordering Indian districts, Missionary Terrorism driving out all 65,000 indigenous Reang (Bru) Hindus from Mizoram, etc. Sickulars

Called RSS communal for these but now these problems are creating more riots and terror for innocent Indians & sheltering Chinese Agents – Maoists in their camps


Congress & its UPA allies miserably failed to contain Muslim Jihadi Terrorism in Kashmir, elsewhere of India and Bangladeshi infiltration in east India demographically occupying the country and Christian Missionary Terrorism in Northeast, Karnataka, Orissa (Swami Lakshmananda murder), etc and so trying to put the blame of Terrorism on Hindus too thereby creating a parity and escape punishing minorities which may led to loss of their bulk minority votebank leading to utter loss in elections but will never succeed as whole world knows that Hindus are not terrorists or even extremists or else Hindusthan wouldn’t have contracted from Greater India – Afghanistan to Indonesia into partitioned India. Congress tried to create a ruckus by blaming Hindu Nationalists for murder of Mumbai ATS Chief in 26/11 Jihadi attack on Mumbai using a Muslim ex-IPS & Maha-IG S.M. Mushrif writing a book ‘Who Killed Karkare?’ even blaming IB

Call records of Karkare punctured their theory, once again failing to trap innocent Hindus into fake terror charges.

Notably, Gafoor the Muslim Police Commissioner then did nothing to stop such an attack inspite of threats & instead perhaps was hand in gloves with ruling Congress Govt in planning to give 26/11 a name of Hindu Terror.


Kasab said that both Indian & Pakistani Muslims jointly helped attack. The Jihadis all wore red bands in wrists & smearing a Tilak on forehead like Hindu youths so that if Kasab was not caught alive the blame could have been passed on Hindus which Congress & Indian Mujahideen/SIMI doing since long.