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Arise O Indians ! Wake up

Attack on hinduism, hindu existence

Should we or should we not take pride on being a Hindu? Probably not!!! Anyone can make or shake our belief on our religion and saints. Any filmmaker (Apparently ‘PK’ & others in the past and ‘Chal Guru Ho Ja Shuru’ is in its starting stage) can attack on Hinduism, make fun of it and we watch such movies without hesitation. Any MF Hussain can portray our deities’ images in derogatory manner, any foreigner can make image of our deities, saints on alcoholic beverages and footwear so easily. Why so? The most probable reason being that we do not respect our own religion, Hinduism…a religion related to humanity! And we never sought refuge in revered saints who can explain the logics behind every ritual or custom. Though I respect all religions, sects, castes and creed, I just wish you to understand as to what is going on, about which we are ignorant.
Currently there are many religious Gurus available in the market, exploiting public’s sentiments and their religious faith, fraudulently impressing public by making disciples. Illegal possessions on lands, encroachments, violation of laws, murder, and sexual assault with minors, what offence is left to be entangling such leaders? Renowned sociologists discovered the reasons leading one towards these Guru’s. Family disputes, poverty , unemployment, financial insecurity, people having no child or unhealthy child or girl, seeking for boy child; to get rid of ailment, passing examination, desiring promotions, spouse etc. are the reasons one seek refuge of renowned saints with huge followership, having hundreds of examples witnessing numerous miracles have taken place by blessings of such Gurus.

How can we access such true saints (as written in the Bhagavad Gita..’tad vidhi pranipaten pariprashnen sevaya, updeshyanti te gyanam gnaninas tattva darishinaha’) who are constantly being depicted before us as criminals, culprits of offences not less than murder, rape – to name a few. Let me explain you as to how media created clouds of illusory statements regarding our venerable saints and attempted to tarnish their images. Let’s go deep into the matter and know the facts, truths and abandon lies and realize that clouds of illusions can momentarily blur the shine of our ‘sun like saints’, but not permanently. Now we will reach to the general masses to create awareness. To put up a few examples:-


Shankaracharya Jayendra Saraswati:-
Kanchi Kaam koti Peeth runs various religious and educational organizations, hospitals and old age homes. The then CM of Tamil Nadu arrested innocent Shankaracharya Jayendra Saraswati on Deepawali night in 2004 and the trial continued for 9 years and was humiliated and tortured by the police. In 2013 Pondicherry court acquitted him and found the allegations leveled against him was baseless in case Shankar Raman Murder case. Are you aware of the fact that he suffered a lot due to delay in justice and did media disseminate the facts related to the case neutrally?

pragya ji
Sadhvi Pragya:-
Sadvi Pragya was arrested in the year 2008 in a fake case of bomb blasts in Hyderabad and Malegaon. Police injected harmful substances in her body, as a result of which she got paralyzed. All these were done by the people involved in conversion of Hindus and Sadhvi Pragya always made people aware by her preaching on Hinduism. Do you know the truth as to what happened to Sadhvi Pargaya? After 6 years National Investigation Agency confessed her arrest as well as other accused allegedly involved in the case to be erroneous.

nityanand ji
Swami Nityananda:-
He was arrested in the year 2010 in a false case of illicit relationship with a renowned Tamil actress Ranjeeta, who herself admitted that this case was framed by the Christian missionaries involved in conversion. The sex CD was brainchild of ‘Kuruppan Lenin’- a converted Christian having expertise in video morphing. After investigation it was revealed that the person in video was not Swami Nityananda. Pursuant to Court’s instructions ‘Star TV’ and ‘Star Vijay’, Aaj Tak channels had to telecast their apologies for disseminating false news. Lenin was arrested in fabricating false evidence.

Yogacharya Ramdev:-
Fake allegations of admixing earthworm and human brain’s powder in the medicines were leveled against Baba Ramdev in order to attack the economy of India which was flourishing by selling Ayurvedic medicines world-wide. On June 4, 2011 the police with an intention to encounter Ramdevji in Ramleela Maidan all of sudden attacked thousands of people involved in Satyagrah and paid media spread the news of his being Thug, thief and absconder. Aspersion of his Guru’s murder was also casted on him. Without any significant reason, his disciple and chief assistant was also put behind the bars in a petty matter related to passport to tarnish the image of his organization. All concocted tales against Babaji could not tarnish his image amongst his followers.

Swami Shyamanand:-
He was served some narcotic substances and spread the rumor of his involvement in illicit relationship with a girl in drunken state. His disciples met with the alleged victim girl and the truth came out that the conspirators had by successful implementation of this plan by entangling the innocent saint, wished to grab ashram lands of Swami Shyamanand, a great supporter of Hinduism as well as humanity.


Swami Laxmananda Saraswati:-
Swami Laxmanananda, a saint who always preferred for upliftment of the destitute people in Odisha. In opposition to conversion by Christian missionaries, he was gun shot by the conspirators in August 2008. His body was cut into pieces by axe. Swamiji’s aides and villagers caught up 2 suspects with masks and armaments involved in the conspiracy, but the police took no cognizance. The police was given information about the constant threats given to Swamiji, but did nothing for the same. A copy of register in Vatican City with the proposal to kill Swamiji was also provided in support of evidence. But, nothing was done on this issue.

Swami Shantikalji:-
He was spreading the message of our Indian culture in hilly area of Tripura and was a major obstacle for missionaries involved in conversions. ‘National Liberation Front of Tripura’ a Christian organization was involved in his murder. He was killed in his ashram on denial of assisting missionaries’ activities. Is this the punishment for our revered saints to raise voice in favor and support of own culture by conspirators in one after another case?

chandra swami

Chandra Swami:-
A great supporter of Hinduism, Chandra Swami, has been accused repeatedly of financial irregularities. In 1996, he was arrested on charges of defrauding a London-based businessman of $100,000. He has faced charges for repeated violation of the Foreign Exchange Regulation Act. After 9 years of imprisonment with mental and physical torture, he was acquitted and found that there was no evidence against him to violate laws. Do you know Chandra Swami more than a culprit? No. Unbiased media’s role is clearly lacking in fulfilling its duties.


Swami Asseemananda:-
He was arrested with allegation of promoting terrorism. Swami ji said that police was conspiring against him to give false statements in order to promote conversion and sought his assistance in anti-social activities by missionary in Daang forest area in the South Gujarat. He was given electric shocks and beef was served to him. Notwithstanding all these circumstances, Swamiji did not participate in anti-social activities to promote terrorism. Conspirators left no stone unturned to torture him, has media ever covered this news? Unfortunately, not!

Swami Ramsukhdasji:-
Conspirators leveled many allegations on him; as a result he abandoned food and water. His disciples discouraged the formers’ activities thereby spreading the message of the truth related to the case and encouraged the people to keep high regard for him. A true saint has to always suffer a lot in public good, both physical and mental torture due to our (Hindus) own internally lacking unity.

kripalu ji
Kripaluji Maharaj(Jagadguru Kripalu):-
He was arrested at the age of 85, in Trininad, in case of rape with 22 years old girl, which was proven false later. But, it is important that all time dissemination of such kind of rumors shake our belief- mechanism adversely.

Swami Keshvananda:-
Politicians and police personnel jointly conspired against Swamiji and entangled him in a false case of rape. He was given 12 years imprisonment after spending 7 years; the authorities anyhow realized the fact and acquitted Swamiji. Police officer involved in the conspiracy became tidbit for the tiger, thus the Nature taught this lesson for others to not involve themselves in any conspiracy against innocent saints.

Swami Vivekananda:-
The conspirators (Veerchand and Pratapchand) puppets of missionaries leveled false allegations on Swamiji for his involvement in illicit activities in India and America. Despite all such odds, he is till date adorable amongst us. The prudent ones could realize the facts and we read about his preaching till date in books.

Baba Gurmeet Ram Rahimji:-
Sirsa, Haryana Dera Sacha Sauda Chief Gurmeet Ram Rahimji spread the message of humanity by selfless service, but he was conspired and embroiled in a sex scandal, in which he was not involved and later on proved innocent. A movie was made to spread the message of humanity by Babaji and this picture had to cross many hurdles by Censor Board, which (censor board) has no rules and regulations for obscene and violence contents and actually objectionable material in the movies (PK and others) made by others, watched by all age groups including children and youngsters. Does it not blemish the image of censor board and appear its involvement to promote violence?

Swami Amritananda ji:-
Swamiji always worked for replaced Hindus and Kashmiri Pundits and for their return in the valley. Mumbai police incarcerated him by leveling false allegations for promoting terrorism activities. Media by false propaganda named him as Dayanand Pandeya. Police tortured him by destroying his saffron clothes and gave him electric shocks. His scriptures were thrown in the gutter. He was beaten mercilessly until he fainted. Beef was forcibly given to him thus was tortured by Mumbai police. The key point to think – is our system corrupt or our saints?

JagadGuru Shri Narendracharyaji Maharaj:-
Dec 4, 2005; He was restricted to carry his ‘Dharmadanda’ by airways and his disciples were beaten mercilessly on airport premises. Was this any reason to create such annoyance?

Jayant Athavaleji:
He was the founder of Sanathan Sanstha in Maharashtra and despite of him being bed ridden on account of his ailments, he was entangled in baseless case in January 8, 2010. Are we really amongst those Indians, who anytime could boast about giving respect to our saints?

Ishwarbua Ramdasi:-
Maharashtra saint was entangled in a false case of character assassination and a female filed a false complaint on instructions of conspirators, the saint was arrested on midnight June 2013.Now you may have understood that these cases are meant only to entangle revered saints!

Sudhanshu Maharaj:-
False allegations regarding management of finances were leveled against him.

Sant Nigamandand:-
He was on hunger strike for the noble cause of maintaining the cleanliness in the Ganges by keeping away mines near Kumbh zone. After 68 days of hunger strike, he was forcibly put behind the bars and by admixing poison, food was served to him, thus was killed. This is the punishment to serve the humanity and to protect our river associated with great religious concerns!

Sri Sri Ravishankar:-
On May 10, 2010 ‘Founder of Art Of Living’ Ravishankar ji was shot by conspirators, but it was a narrow escape, thus his life was saved.

Mata Amritanandmayi:-
She was defamed as having connections with sex workers in red light area to tarnish her image amongst her followers.

Swami Paripurnanandji:-
He was kidnapped from Kumbh and there is no news of his existence or non-existence available as yet. A great applaud to the conspirators on their success stories! And shame on us, our system! System which is efficient enough to search a minister’s dog in a single day but could not get any inkling regarding a respectable saint after his abduction!

Swami Narayan community:-
This community has nurtured the society with ethical and moral values, but its chief saints were defamed by leveling false allegation of character assassination in 2013.

Satya Sai Baba:-
He was said to have indulged into altruistic activities and he was defamed by conspirators in false allegations of character assassination.

baba jai gurudev

Baba Jai Gurudev:-
Mathura’s saint Babaji always motivated people to become vegetarian. He opposed governments’ policies regarding ‘Nasbandi’. He was put behind the bars for 21 months from June 1975-March 1977 and was tortured by having detained him for 20 hours and gave him uncooked or half cooked meal and provided no medical facility, when required.

Tihar jail authorities requested him to support the political parties for elections, which he denied. As a result, his 14,000 disciples were sent to imprisonment. Police personnel after giving corporal punishment to his disciples left all of those in forests.

Sachidananda Maharaj:-
Bhakti Niketan’s Founder was tortured in fake case of murder, after seven and half years court acquitted him on January 30, 2014.

Narayan Prem Sai :-
Irrespective of the fact that Narayan Prem Saiji is son of Asharam Bapuji, he is well known for his philanthropic deeds done in public welfare. He also has huge followership and great supporter of Hinduism, hence at the target of the conspirators including political parties, multinational companies and paid media. Bharti behen, (daughter of Asharam Bapuji) and his wife were also at the target of the conspirators. Be it any murders of any witness like Amrit Prajapati or Akhil, the allegations are leveled against Bapuji and his family to complicate the case and to spread the rumours, which are baseless in its entirety.

Asharam (Asaram) Bapu:-
Spiritual revolt’s forerunner His highness Asharam Bapu represented India in the world religious parliament in Chicago. He headed the Dharmaraksha Manch including 13 Akadas. He initiated the concepts of celebrating ‘Parents worship day’ instead of Valentine’s Day throughout the world. He provided shelters to the pauper. He always supported the poor and deprived sections with food, clothes and other needy things. He made many cow shelters to protect and improvise the plight of cows in order to escape such cows from slaughter.

More than 17,000 Bal Sanskara Kendra (Children upliftment centres) are running under his guidance. 1300+ yoga Vedanta Sewa Samitis are functional for public welfare. His 400+ ashrams and crores of disciples are spreading the message of humanity and ethical values. For last 50+ years his involvement in altruistic deeds is going on. Even after his entanglement in fake cases of rape, tourists are yet coming in India to see such a venerable saint whose disciples assemble every full moon day for Poonam Darshan, and worship the jail and court premises appearing as a pilgrimage. He prevented conversion by creating awareness amongst his followers. The adversely affected political parties, Christian missionaries, multinational companies, paid media and other anti-social elements targeted on Bapuji.

After hearing above examples, do we deserve to call ourselves Hindus? It is a long way to go before we can claim to protect our culture and our religion. We urge you to wake up now or it will be too late when we realize that it is a rape with our culture, ethics & values and if soon no decision is taken to protect such saints, it will be turn into a rape of our administration and judicial system.

Source : Sachkiavaaz.com