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I Proud to be a Hindu

proud to be hindu

Be aware from SLY Foxes !!!

Media Reporter : Why Milk wasted on SHIVLING on the SHIVRATRI , that’s a statue only,  what the foolish things !

Wise Hindu : Hey , what is important for you , ONE DAY MILK or LIFE TIME MILK ?

Media Reporter : Obviously , Life time

Wise Hindu : That’s  great ! But You never ask on killing of cow , who gives life time Milk !!!  Why you are ignoring LIFE TIME MILK !!!

Media Reporter : He He He

Wise Hindu : What happen ?

Media Reporter : Nothing , On Holi festival , much of water wasted … so we should save water.

Wise Hindu : one minute , you know how much water wasted in forming harmful BEER ? how much water wasted in slaughter houses ?

Media Reporter : He He He

Wise Hindu : What happen ?

Media Reporter : Okey , Much of Noise and air pollution by CRACKERS on the occasion of Diwali.

Wise Hindu : hmm, one country is heavy for you from 220 countries.

Media Reporter : Means ??

Wise Hindu : on the occasion of 31st DEC , 220 countries do Noise and Air Pollution , But you have only Diwali to criticize.

Media Reporter : He he he …

Wise Hindu : What happen ?

Media Reporter : Nothing , Thank GOD , Happy to see wise Hindu.

Wise Hindu : One Hindu is always wiser than Copy Cats .

Media Reporter : hmm , Means ?

Wise Hindu : Are you Hindu ?

Media Reporter : Yes , But I’m Secular.

Wise Reporter : A person can be secular or can be secular , But can’t both.

Media Reporter : oh , okey I’m Secular only.

Wise Hindu : okey , Is secular means to criticize a Hindu religion ?

Media Reporter : No , We are not criticizing , we think and tell the truth .

Wise Hindu : okey , Then Why you never think on BAKRI-EID where lots of innocent cattle killed only behalf of a festival. you never think on New Year Celebration where Noise , Air  pollution world wide. you never think on Conversion by Missionaries. …

Media Reporter : Hey I am reporter . So you can’t ask question from me .

Wise Hindu : So strange ! you failed to regain consciousness for 10 Minute. I proud to be a HINDU being BHARTIYE.